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What are the goals of recyclingplatform?

Our goals are described extensively under the menu item our goal.


Who is recyclingplatform made for and what does recyclingplatform offer?

recyclingplatform has been designed as an independent market place for all players of the recycling industry on the Internet. On one side recyclingplatform offers an exchange for commercial waste owners and recycling companies to conclude binding contracts concerning secondary raw materials and waste treatment services. Furthermore recyclingplatform offers a framework to link internationally regarding many topics of recycling.

This includes offers of recycling servicesrecycling technologyconsulting and IT,

events reffering to different recycling topics,

special topics that the industry is currently dealing with,

information concerning the legal framework for recycling,

links to publications,

a worldwide market place for presenting recycling projects of various kinds and for interconnecting regarding these projects and

a compilation of companies and institutions in the recycling industry.


What are typical cases for the use of recyclingplatform network?

There are many practical use cases for recyclingplatform network you can think of. In the following we just give a few:

- You are looking for the recycling company that fits to the needs of your current recycling task

- You are working on an ambitious project within the recycling sector and are looking for a cooperation partner that fits

- You are interested in one of the various special topics and are looking for links to articles regarding this topic that you do not know yet

- You are interested in the topic of recycling in general and want to gain an overview


Which types of waste can be traded on recyclingplatform?

Within the division exchange where binding contracts are generated basically alle types of waste can be traded that are not categorized as hazardous according to the European Waste Catalogue. Furthermore the division recyclingplatform exchange has limited itself to the conclusion of contracts referring to starting positions where the place of waste generation and the place of waste treatment are both located in Germany. With this limitation the complexity of cross-border waste-shipments shall be avoided, at least in the beginning of the recyclingplatform operations.

Within the menu topic adverts under the submenu topic adverts recycling services you can also find adverts concerning the waste treatment of so-called hazardous types of waste according to the European Waste Catalogue. Within the adverts for recycling services the establishment of contacts, negotiations and contractual agreements are concluded directly between advertiser and visitors of the site without recyclingplatform GmbH beeing involved.

You can find a structured overview about all types of waste that are listed on recyclingplatform under the menu item waste categories.


How can I benefit from recyclingplatform?

The use of recyclingplatform is in the generation of tranparency and the possibility to connect. With this transparency you can for example find new partners for the conclusion of contracts, better terms for contract conclusions, new possibilities for waste utilization as waste producer/owner, new sources for secondary raw materials/refuses as recycler, new technical possibilities, new service providers and services, new cooperation partners for projects, interesting information concerning recycling topics or new suggestions.


How much does it cost to use recyclingplatform?

Visiting recyclingplatform and registering are free of charge. The registration itself in the division exchange of recyclingplatform does not trigger any costs either. Within the division exchange there is just a success fee that comes into effect when a contract is generated by the use of the division exchange. Please see details under the menu item what is free of charge?


What is the difference between the adverts within recyclingplatform network and the insertations within recyclingplatform exchange?

The adverts under the corresponding menu item are adverts as they are known in a similar kind in various print media. Next to adverts from the fields recycling technologyconsulting and IT it also includes adverts for recycling services. In principle these adverts in have to be activated by the adminstrators of recyclingplatform. The resposibility for the content, however, still remains with the creator of the adverts. The recyclingplatform GmbH as operator of the platform is not involved in the conclusion of possible contracts as a result of the contacts that are initiated by the adverts.

The insertations in the division exchange are legally binding offers and requests for recycling services, divides by the two fields secondary raw materials and waste treatment services, that are aiming at concluding legally binding contracts. Here the responsibility for the content of the offers and requests on one side and the responsibility for the bids on the other side is with the users that are registered serparately for the exchange as well. But within the division exchange the recyclingplatform GmbH is acting as an internediary by structuring the possible insertations and approval of the users for this devision according to German KrWG.


Why are the insertations and adverts for recycling services on recyclingplatform structured in this way?

It is our conviction that a clear structure is necessary for concluding legally binding contracts within the devision exchange  of recyclingplatform, meaning that the rights and obligations of the contract parties are clear from the beginning as well for the creators of the insertations as for the bidders. But following our experienc in practice it is sometimes uncertain, which specific legal relations are meant in fact. The material composition of a waste fraction and its definite specification according to the waste legislation, in particular the European Waste Catalogue is one of the challenges.

In addition there is the assessment of the intrinsic value of the waste, e.g. if the waste has a positive market value. Just in this case a sales contract is concluded in combination with the recycling service contract. With respect to legal clarification for the contract parties recyclingplatform has named contracts regarding waste categories with a positive market value as "secondary raw materials" and contracts regarding waste categories with an negative market value als "waste treatment services" on its platform.

Next to the specification of the contract type either as contract regarding "secondary raw materials" or regarding "waste treatment services" for a standardized conclusion of the contract it is necessary to clarify who is provider and who is bidder, meaning the party adopting the provided offer. For this purpose reyclingplatform has divided the insertations into offer and request. Please find the resulting matrix under the menu item Auswahl Inseratstyp. (noch ändern nach Einfügung Menüpunkt)

With the intention to avoid any uncertainties or confusions while switching from the non-binding adverts to the binding insertations within the division exchange, the structure of the adverts for recycling services is following the same systematics.


How does the exchange of recyclingplatform function?

The exchange of recyclingplatform is only offered in German language so far. The description of the fundamental functionality is so far just provided in German as well. If you are interested please refer to the menu topic Börse / exchange in 5 Schritten erklärt.


Shall recyclingplatform GmbH be regarded as broker?

Answering this question one has to differentiate between different areas of law. By the legal definitions in commercial law recyclingplatform is not a broker according to the German Handelsgesetzbuch. Like most of the well-known platform operators it is just a company that operates the platform and is providing it for use.

By meaning of the German Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz (Circular Economy Law) we regard the activity within the division exchange of recyclingplatform as broker by meaning of section 3 paragraph 13 of the German Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz. Regarding this devision of its activities recyclingplatform GmbH is under surveillance of the so-called waste supervision ("Abfallüberwachung") of the respective surveillance authority and has reported its activities to this authority. To cope with this responsibility further queries are necessary for the additional registration within the division exchange. The access to the division exchange is therefore restricted compared to the access to the common network.


Can everyone post an advert on recyclingplatform?

In principle every registered user can create an advert on recyclingplatform under the adverts menu within its subcategories. Before these adverts become visible for the users and visitors of recyclingplatform they have to be approved by the administrators of recyclingplatform.

recyclingplatform GmbH reserves the right not to approve adverts or to approve them only after amendments have been made. With this approval it shall be secured e.g. that adverts comply with legislations, that adverts are understood fairly well and can be found well and that the integrity of recyclingplatform is granted. Nevertheless the responsibility for the content of the adverts remains with the user that creates the advert, despite the above mentioned efforts of the administrators.

In distinction to the binding offers and requests in the division exchange recylingplatform is not involved in any way in the conclusion of contracts and is consequently not acting as a broker in the field of adverts.


There is something that I miss on recyclingplatform. What can I do?

We expect that some visitors or users will have some ideas which content, categories or functionalities they imagine or wish recyclingplatform to have. We certainly won't be able to implement all within our small team but we are open for ideas and will appreciate serious suggestions. Please send them either per mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to one of the other contacts. We will strive for a feedback as soon as possible.


What makes the difference between recyclingplatform and other platforms regarding the topic recycling on the internet?

At the time of the first introduction of recyclingplatform at the IFAT 2018 there were already offers with similar approaches and overlaps. To many of them we have put links on recyclingplatform, e.g. under the submenu recycling portals.(noch ändern nach Einfügung Menüpunkt) But we stand out from other platforms by various characteristics:

- recyclingplatform is independent

- recyclingplatform offers the possibility of specific binding contracts regarding secondary raw materials and recycling services within the division exchange for those waste owners and recyclers that are aiming at the conclusion of a binding contract

- recyclingplatform offers the non-binding arrangement of contacts by means of adverts within various categories of the reycling industry as well. This service is meant for those who are not sure which conditions are sufficient to conclude a binding contract, or those who just want to advertise for themselves or for their offers  

- recyclingplatform offers the possibility to link internationally regarding recycling topics and offers various information from the exciting world of recycling.


Which user groups are there on recyclingplatform?

guest: The visitors of the site www.recyclingplatform.com that are not registered or that are registered but not logged in are named as guest. 

registered users: companies, institutions and freelancers can register as users of www.recyclingplatform.com. Subsequently they are users of recyclingplatform network. Registration enables them to post an advert free of charge, for example.

registered users of recyclingplatform exchange: registered users can additionally register for the division exchange on recyclingplatform. This registration is reserved to companies that are either waste owners oder recycling companies. This registration requires additional details to achieve legal clarity. Registered users of recylingplatform exchange can conclude binding contracts regarding the supply of secondary raw materials and recycling services. 

recycler: as registered users of recyclingplatform exchange certified recycling companies can register with the status recycler. Therefore it is required that they upload certificates and that they are approved for the status recycler by the adminstrators of recyclingplatform. 


Can recyclingplatform be used by consumers?

recyclingplatform mainly addresses commercial users (business to business; B2B). Despite this consumers can use the site als visitors (guest) and view all content that is set public. A registration as user is limited to companies, institutions and freelancers, e.g. consultants and journalists. Conseqently a registration as consumer is not intended. 


In which countries does recyclingplatform operate?

The main focus during the initial stage is on content from Germany and Europe. Nevertheless recyclingplatform ist oriented internationally and aims at linking the players of the recycling industry and interested parties worldwide. Consequently the site www.recyclingplatform.com can be accessed worldwide and is provided in English as well as in its basic language German.


Who operates recyclingplatform?

The site www.recyclingplatform.com and further domains beginning with recyclinglatform are operated by recyclingplatform GmbH. The responsible Managing Partner and founder is Rainer Wohlers. He is supported by a small team of freelancers. Please find further information under the menu item imprint.


Who owns recyclingplatform?

The recyclingplatform GmbH is owned by the founder and Managing Partner Rainer Wohlers at 100%.


Is recyclingplatform independent of recycling companies or other companies?

Yes. Because there are no other persons or companies holding shares in recyclingplatform GmbH directly or indirectly the management is not persuing the interests of recycling companies or other companies. With its activities recyclingplatform is persuing just its own goals and commercial interest. These are described under the menu item our goal.


Is my data secure on recyclingplatform?

Yes. We have described the handling of personal data and the common issues of data protection detailed under the menu item privacy statement.

Futhermore the issue data security has a high importance for the Managing Partner because of his experiences from previous scopes of resposibility.

The transaction-related information of the involved users, that is not provided by the users to the public, but just to its individual contract partners, is handled by recyclingplatform strictly confidential as well. The business model of recyclinglatform is not based on earning money with data. 


What does recyclingplatform do with the market information?

The market information that recyclingplatform is gaining from the transactions concluded within its division exchange are treated strictly confidentially.

Excempted from this strictly confidential treatment is just that market information that registered users of recyclingplatform are making public themselves for all visitors of the site and for other registered users within their adverts. For example offered and requested quantities as well as their stated price expectations belong to this information made public.

The business model of recyclinglatform is not based on earning money with data.


How does recyclingplatform finance itself?

recyclingplatform GmbH finances itself by revenues from marketing and by fees for the successful conclusion of contracts within its division recyclingplatform exchange. The marketing revenues primarily include remunerations for banner advertising, remunerations for the special design or positioning of adverts and fees from affiliate marketing. The fees within the division recyclingplatform exchange consist of fees for the successful conclusion of binding contracts regarding secondary raw materials and recycling services within the division exchange. 


When was recyclingplatform founded?

recyclingplatform GmbH was founded in the year 2011 in Bremen. The founder was Rainer Wohlers who still is the sole shareholder. After the development of the first software package in the years 2011 and 2012 the actitities have been dormant until the presentation to the public during the IFAT 2018 in München.


How did the idea for recyclingplatform arise?

The idea for recyclingplatform developed when the founder was asking himself why so few recycling contracts had been arranged via the Internet so far. And then he realized that on one side this situation is supposed to depend on the circumstance, that the arrangement of contracts regarding recycling services in Germany is not allowed to anybody, but that there is a special qualification and approval needed for conducting this due to the German legislation. And when it became clear to him that on other side the arrangement is not easy to structure due to the special circumstances in the recycling industry, that you receive money for the supply of your wastes in some occasions - like other products - and that you have to pay for the supply of your wastes in other occasions. And furthermore there is the question if the individual kind of waste has a positive or negative market value does not solely depend on the material characteristics but on the seasonal and regional market conditions as well.

The "sparkling idea" of the solution by the auction machine came to founder in 2011 while running. Like many ideas the idea for recyclingplatform has matured and been developed further.


What has happened since the first presentation at the IFAT 2018?

On the occasion of the IFAT 2018 the founder Rainer Wohlers took the opportunity to present recyclingplatform to a broad specialized public. Despite the positive feedback two results came out clearly then. Firstly a future postive development of recyclingplatform will depend on that the founder would focus completely on the further business developement of recyclingplatform. Due to his previous responsibilities this engagement was not possible for him in the first instance. And secondly through talks with possible investors it came out clearly that the software package had to be updated due to the further development of requirements on the internet.

Since August 2021 Rainer Wohlers has focussed completely on recyclingplatform as entrepreneur. During this time he worked on the various software components and has extended the genuine service - the division exchange - by the network features. Since May 2022 recyclingplatform is "live" again - renewed and extended.


as of 1st May 2022

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