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Rainer Wohlers, Founder and Managing Partner


In the waste management and recycling industry prices for the offered and demanded secondary raw materials and waste treatment services are often difficult to compare and not very transparent. Prices fluctuate strongly depending on the economic situation, waste emergence and plant utilization are changing during the year, offered prices vary significantly from one region to another and optimum opportunities for waste recyling are often unknown.

Recycling companies, paper mills, steel mills, plastics producers and plastic recyclers, operators of waste incineration plants or waste producing manufacturers can often not be sure that they have realized the best price for their situation. Additionally the availability of services for short-term spot market deals and mid-term contracts is either not transparent or can only be assessed with a lot of research effort - be it nearby or in the distance.

recyclingplatform has been founded to improve this situation.

recyclingplatform connects all partners of the recycling industry on the Internet free of charge within the common area recyclingplatform network and provides various information regarding companies and institutions of the recycling industry, eventspublicationsintroduction of projectscurrent special topics of the industry and legal framework.

recyclingplatform exchange goes beyond this and standardizes secondary raw materials and waste treatment services and generates binding contracts as independant platform operator

- by means of its auction machine or at a fixed price

- with offers or requests from suppliers or demanders of waste treatment services and secondary raw materials.

On recyclingplatform exchange basically all kinds of secondary raw materials and all essential kinds of waste treatment services can be offered and can also be requested, excluding hazardous waste categories.

recyclingplatform has been designed as an independent platform for the participants of the waste management and recycling industry. The diversity and complexity of the waste management and recycling industry has been structured by us in a way as to enable standardized contracts. Categories and product characteristics have been pre-specified by recyclingplatform exchange but leave various ways of choice and despription for your offer or request despite standardization.

Publishing non-binding adverts on recyclingplatform network is free of charge. Register here for free.

Furthermore, recyclingplatform exchange offers access to an exchange that is so far unique in its kind. Low brokerage fees will only accrue if you successfully conclude binding contracts via recyclingplatform after having placed a binding offer or a binding request. If you bid successfully for an offer or for a request that has been placed by another user of recyclingplatform exchange your won't have to pay a brokerage fee.

recyclingplatform submits the contract parties a contract confirmation in case of the conclusion of a binding contract using recyclingplatform exchange referring the specific conditions. The contract will be fulfilled according to the specific conditions agreed upon under the obligation of both contract parties

Answers to the most frequently asked questions are provided under the menu item FAQ.

For basic registration on recyclingplatform network click here: registration recyclingplatform network. After having registered you can place and publish non binding adverts on recyclingplatform network. 

The usage of recyclingplatform exchange is limited to contracts within Germany. Consequently the details and registration forms for recyclingplatform exchange (Börse) are provided in German language only so far. If you additionally want to register for recyclingplatform exchange (Börse) in German language please go to Zusätzliche Registrierung recyclingplatform Börse.

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