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Homethermalsludge utilization and phoshorus recyclingThe project KlimaPhoNds for sludge utilization has won a prize

The project KlimaPhoNds - Climate-neutral and residual-free Sewage sludge recycling with phosphoric acid production in Southeastern Lower Saxony has was won a prize.

The joint project is under the leadership of the wastewater process engineering department of CUTEC. The project is funded by the BMWK as part of the RePhoR announcement.

The KlimaPhoNds concept includes decentralized phosphate extraction at wastewater treatment plants and, building on this, central refinement of phosphate precipitation products such as magnesium ammonium phosphate (MAP) from various wastewater treatment plants into phosphoric acid and P-precipitant recyclates, as well as (virtual) regional recycling of marketable fertilizers. It aims at sustainability in several respects: the planned P extraction and recycling is climate-friendly or CO2-emission-reduccing and at the same time raw material- and cost-efficient.

The joint project is strongly application-oriented. In addition to the CUTEC research center, the partners Lukson AG (Mönchengladbach), PARFORCE Engineering & Consulting GmbH (Freiberg), Abwasserentsorgung Wolfenbüttel AöR, EBA Northeim and Knoke Industrie-Montagen GmbH (Salzgitter) are represented.

The project has won the second place of the Innovation Prize 2023 of the Göttingen region what has been accounced by the City of Northeim Nov. 24th 2023.

(source: CUTEX, City of Northeim)


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